aurore boréale
arc-en-ciel primaire et secondaire

"Through a technique that is both gentle and intense, we are invited to dive inside. Over time and breaths, we manage to (re) find our deep essence. Powerful and beneficial work!"
Laura (Belgium)

"Silvio is an exceptional therapist. He has the unique gift of reading in person and by his approach to breathing, the realizations are phenomenal."
Sophie (Canada)

"The discovery of the practice of conscious breathing is a real upheaval. I found a key there to discover those parts of me that I have wanted to explore for years.
Silvio's sensitivity, clairvoyance and benevolence create the perfect breeding ground to dive deep into myself and give me a deep feeling of being accompanied. My sessions with Silvio are a precious break in my personal journey. And I am very happy that our paths have crossed."
Jeanne (Belgium)

"I was far from imagining the results that breathing could bring in terms of healing! But the tool finds its value only by the one who uses it. Technique is one thing, the art of using it is another. Silvio is a maestro. He sublimates this technique with quality, rigor and precision. With keen observation and ruthless love, he accompanies us on the path to our true selves."
Patrick (Belgium)

"I started the first session in a rough fashion, wanting to control operations. I was pretty wild too. Gradually, I was able to breathe in my stomach, my thoughts calmed down, I relaxed and I felt a good energy wash over me. I realized that the way I breathe has an impact on my health. Recurrent fatigue and physical exhaustion. Today I manage to have fun, to feel the pleasure of living, of laughing, of singing ...
I have become an adult, I love myself more and I feel open to others and to the world. I would like to underline the qualities of the therapist which had their importance: his welcome, his rigor, his sincerity, his gentleness, his firmness at the right time, his intuition, his reliability, his patience and his benevolence. Mr. Silvio Malburg takes care until the last moment of the session so that the person understands what is to be understood or integrated. He is trustworthy and a great guide to breathing. He's a loving person."
Christine (Belgium)

"A new life, a re-birth, a new look at myself, the impulse to write a new symphony.
This is what this therapy brings me."
Catherine (Belgium)

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