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I was trained in the hotel and catering trade, worked in the USA as a Maître d'hôtel and Sommelier (wine steward) in VIP restaurants such as La Crémaillère (N-Y) and Terra Ristorante in Greenwich (CT).

In the course of regular meetings with Native Americans, I discovered that a part of myself was suffering. For many years, I followed the Native American wisdom from the Cherokee Nation in a process they call "The Red Path of Awakening".
Although I was at the same time following a classic therapy, I couldn't maintain an inner consistency.

I looked for different approaches. I first discovered Reiki and then in 1995, I became familiar with Conscious Breathing (Transformational Breath ®). Graduated in 1997, I have been since then teaching the connection between breathing, body, mind and spirituality.

In 1999, I come back to Belgium and I realize that my work lacks the spiritual dimension. I then start a 2-year inner transformation on my own with which I discover all the breathing possibilities. Their aim is to relax muscular tensions to allow the individual to live from their true self rather than from their personality. I have therefore been able to live spiritual experiences of infinite love that has welcomed me as I truly was without any judgment.
Following these profound transformations, I developed an aptitude to receive an increased interior guidance through my five senses, and an astonishing capacity of feeling, as well in the matter as in the subtle.

Thanks to Biodanza and then Rituael Process, I underwent deep and lasting changes which are getting me closer to accepting myself totally.

With Mahorikatan dance, I'm learning how to welcome my own essence and I understand more strenuously the quelling that my personality puts on my own fulfillment.

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