Course of a session

  • The session begins with an interview during which the person formulates their request and I identify the needs for the session.

  • Then the subject lies down on the massage table. I correct the body position to put it straight .

  • Then, I take the pulse at ankle level and check the body's experience and its needs.

  • I continue with the respiratory reading: this is where the psyche is revealed. During this important step, I connect with the subject at the subtle level and perceive the path to take to free the body from what is suffocating the psyche. It is also here that I perceive the qualities of the heart and soul of the person.

How does learning to breathe bring transformations?

Breathing is a balanced act . It realigns the subject. What happens in life, happens in the breath. And what happens in the breath, happens in everyday life.

Plus, with practice, the breath is an impressive expression tool . The conscious changes brought about by breathing are expressed in everyday life by the Principle of resonance . When high frequency energy meets low frequency energy, the low frequency energy changes into high frequency energy permanently.