The body breathes from three different ways


  • The primitive breathing connected to bones and skull moves

  • The cellular breathing

  • The main breathing, the one we have and see

Breathing is much more than a physiological reaction. If we are born in good health with an optimal breathing, we have to take into account the influences of our past, our qualms to modify the respiratory nature. It turns out to be a trustful reflexion of the way we live our life. It is our hallmark.

"Show me how you breathe and I'll tell you who you are"

It is undeniable that, according to scientists, the physical and mental aspect influence each other.
During my research years, I could observe that we used 6 to 8 different respiratory habits according to who we are and what we experience. We are so overadapted to – our education, religion, culture, society, traditions, habits, that we developed a survival breathing. And we are suffocating because of these breathing patterns !