Balance is vital to consciously modify how we breathe. Breathing in and out should be the most natural possible. The breathing in duration, rythm and power must be equal to the breathing out's.

In Greek, breath is called « pneuma » which means Spirit. When you consciousy breathe, your spirit occupies the body and holds it there. Breathing consciously allows to leave the mind performance to reveall the body needs. Your body connection is renewed, different and footloose. In this very subtile conscious of the breath, the mind is lost and it is exactly when we get into life. And Life exists beyond our beliefs.

Moreover, breathing has ramarkable quality expressions. It is the beauty of the breath. The breathing in and out sound tells so much about your inner wealth. The mind, however, does not understand breathing, it is too subtile. Nevertheless, it welcomes it because there is a physical and/or emotional well-being.